E-type/S3 Low Direct Mount Chain Guide V11, 16g


S3/E-type Low Direct Mount Chain Guide/Catcher for 1x single ring set-ups - ultralight AT 16 grams

Simple, effective, adjustable, durable & great value

The guide fits a 28t - 44t tooth front chain ring range (depends on where the holes are on your frame, CX vs MTB of course). 

Suitable for 1 x 9, 1 x 10, 1 x 11, 1 x 12 etc. systems

Adjustable vertical 35mm, lateral 3mm (with washers supplied, you can add more if necessary).

Material: Composite reinforced bracket & guide (quiet on your chain).

Weight: Ultralight at 16 grams

Even the new thick thin chain rings have been known to bounce off a chain. For security use a chain guide. Chainguides also prolong the functional life of thick thin chainrings & chain when they become worn & struggle to hold the chain on.

We get these straight from the original manufacturer so can offer a great price. 

!!! Note, we have a broad selection of chain guides see other listings !!!