ESI Racers Edge Silicone MTB Grips


Esi Racers Edge Silicone grips - comfy and relatively light.

Add a little suspension comfort to your bars. Simple silicon rubber grips that give so much comfort you'll soon forget
you're holding them! Nice and light, no collars or clamps - work in the
wet too!

We are selling them in  BLACK 

Relatively light at 50g the pair.

Can be used with grip shifts - cut one in half.

"Racer's Edge" type:

- Standard Grip Length - 5 1/8"
- Installed Dia. 30mm
- 1 set of End Caps included

More info from ESI:

Design : ESI grips are designed and manufactured by a bicyclist to be the best.

Engineered : Engineered one side thicker for absorbing shock and
vibration with the opposite side thinner for bulk-reducing comfort,
combined with the best materials and the best production process this
creates max shock absorption and grip, while maintaining the lowest
weight possible and highest level of durability.

Memory: No tread or logos needed! Silicone has a memory; when you
grab an ESI Grip you get a custom mold of your hand for a no slip ride
every time.

Proven: These race proven lightweight grips are used by bicyclist all over the world.

Grip Shift or Custom sizes : You can cut ESI grips with sharp
scissors, utility knife, pipe cutter, etc. Hold next to your bar and cut
leaving an extra 1/8" in length. We recommend Chunky style for a smooth
transition on Grip Shift.

Installation: Clean handle bars. Press in End Caps. Using Rubbing
Alcohol or Window Cleaner clean inside of ESI MTB grips, wet bar and
inside of grip, slide onto bar. Rotate grip to have the Thicker side
towards palm. Let dry for 24 hours.

Removal: Slide a screw driver with a dulled point (or something
similar) under grip (careful not to scratch bar or stretch grip), squirt
Rubbing Alcohol, Window cleaner or water under grip, twist grip off
bar. Clean inside of grip with Rubbing Alcohol or Window cleaner and
reinstall. If you have access to a compressor just blow them off.