Alligator SUPER LIGHT Gear Cable kit


Alligator SUPER LIGHT SHIFT DERAILLEUR Gear Cable set kit  

Everything you need to set up your gears, front & rear

- Compression less fibre glass housing, 60% lighter than standard gear housing - 5mm x 2000mm (2 metres worth only weighs 59g)

- 31-strand superior shine slick stainless inner wires x 2 (front 1.1mm x 1500mm) & (rear 1.1mm x 2000mm) (ultra smooth, rust proof, sleek, more flexible and reduce friction more than P.T.F.E coated ones)

- Contains MTB and Shimano/SRAM leads, plus sealed casing caps, nosed ferrules, cable tips, cable Os - see picture

- Colour: BLACK